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Characteristics of a Good Cloud Based Email Archiving System

Cloud based email archiving systems significantly extend the security, age, accessibility and efficiency of your corporate communications. With its appealing value propositions, cloud based email archiving has become a critical operational component of many organizations – both emerging companies as well as established leaders.

A good email archiving system not only needs to save the mails of the company, but should also facilitate quick and granular search, along with smooth retrieval of the same for further use by the concerned employee. However, these are just a few of the vital traits of a robust and growth oriented cloud based email archiving system. Let’s look at some other equally important characteristics to help you decide easily which solution will be a best fit for your organizational needs.

  1. Data protection – Your confidential data is only as secure as the level of protection offered by the system. A key element in mail archiving security is that its integrity and content needs to be preserved and be safe from any type of alteration, tweaks or updates.

Tip # 1 – When you opt for an email archiving system, be on the lookout for industry endorsed security protocols. Adherence to these protocols does push up the pricing a bit, but what you get is complete peace of mind in return. These protocols include storage complying with WORM standards, standard SSL encryptions for data that is being transmitted and AES-256 encryption for data in storage.

  1. Powerful search – What’s the point of archiving mails when your employees cannot retrieve it quickly and on time? A powerful indexing and search facility will add tremendous value to the overall archiving system. Employees and stakeholders can get access to a particular mail on time, and thus enable a productive workplace.

Tip # 2 – Check for presence of search functionality and if it can perform well for any type of search – fuzzy logic, Boolean, wildcard characters, or even proximity searches. Also the search execution and the output need not be limited by parameters such as number of mailboxes queried, amount of search results returned, or readability and comprehension of the content within the results.

  1. Consistency and compatibility – Many cloud based mail archiving systems do not have proper procedures in place to handle the multiple formats as required at both times, input and output. As a result, the data stored may be garbled and the output retrieved may be of zero value. The mail archiving system you will deploy need to extend your performance rather than forcing you to tweak your operations due to its limitations.

Tip # 3 – Check if the system ensures compatibility and export/ import support to popular file types. These include .txt, .xls, .pst, .eml, .html and .pdf

With these handy tips, you can easily align a good cloud based email archiving system to your business demands. Check out Al Hutaib for powerful cloud mail and email archiving capabilities that provides superior performance at a lower cost of operation, and that too without needing any significant IT or infrastructure updates.


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