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How a Mobile Point of Sale Drives Higher Customer Engagement

The retail boom has had its own set of peculiar challenges. One of them is how to quicken the checkout process, which results in huge lines of waiting customers to pay for their merchandise, and step out of the store. The challenges of this limitation is immediately evident. Cart abandonment and dropouts loom high in the absence of a better checkout system.

This is precisely where a mPoS (Mobile Point of Sale) works out to the retailer’s advantage. An example of this amazing technology at work is apparent at Apple Stores. These stores are ubiquitous with a fresh customer retail experience. The stores do not make you wait at the cash counter. In fact they do not have any cash counters or cashiers. The transaction is conducted by a floor supervisor who scans your merchandise’s barcode, you swipe for the transaction amount, and walk out of the store.

What advantages do Mobile PoS offer?

Today we look at advantages of mobility driven PoS over traditional PoS and how it acts as a catalyst to your business growth.

  1. Free up long waiting line – The obvious benefit is how you can tremendously improve overall retail experience by not having the customer to wait in long checkout line to make payment for their transactions. You can eve associate your system with ERP and loyalty programs to update their details and transaction into these.
  2. Smart customer management – With limited cash register, traditional PoS suffers a serious setback in times of holidays, festivals, weekend or other periods of demand influx. A mobile device can easily handle with the increased spike in customer footfall without you having to worry about dropouts or abandonment
  3. Optimize floor space usage – Imagine the number of possibilities to which a floor space can be put to use when there is no bulky cash counters. In addition to savings from not having to maintain separate cash handling staff, you also get more space to display your merchandise.
  4. Paperless transaction – True mobility at PoS translates to zero paperwork. All transactions and payment details can be mailed directly to the customer’s email id in real time. It also opens up a new marketing avenue by allowing you to access the customer’s e-mail id
  5. Enhanced safety – We have kept the best for the last! Mobile based PoS conforms to PCI and EMV guidelines that are implemented in major countries/ continents such as the US, Europe and Canada. This provides an additional layer of security when compared to traditional PoS systems. Enterprises use an all-round, robust and high performance point of sale solution such as IBM SurePOS series. With these solutions, you not only have real time access to transaction data but also provide a highly secure environment to the customer to carry out the transaction. This will translate to total peace of mind, immense build-up of credibility, and thus, better potential for repeat and referral business.

Do let us know with your thoughts on which will be your favorite among these advantages for opening up a mobile driven PoS in your store.


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