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Keeping Your Business Data Secured, Know How

Every business depends on the IT system it works on. Your system should run without any fault hence you need get it maintained properly. A well maintained system is secured and stays up to date. It can help you avoid costly downtime too.

It is important to get all your licenses in place. Your anti-virus software should be updated regularly, when was the last time you got that done? Regular updates will help you know the answers to such questions and help you control your IT systems properly. You need to make sure that the hardware and software of your systems are checked regularly. For example, if there are designers in your company, you need to make sure that their systems are equipped with top quality hardware and software. Online security threats can damage your business. As part of your IT maintenance, make sure your firewall and security software are doing their jobs. Keep virus and malware scanners up to date.

Our 24×7 IT Support & IT Maintenance Services offers multiple and variable options to meet these challenges, which can be provided independently or as part of a total managed service. Our engineers are manufacturer accredited and we aim for a single visit fix to minimise business disruption. We have a flexible approach and our pricing model allows charges to be inventory, activity, resource or frequency-based.

When it comes to security, it is important to secure your date which is available online, for example your emails. Hence, email archival solution is the most reliable way to process the email communication within your organization. Let’s understand email archiving better, Email archiving is the act of preserving and making searchable all email to/from an individual. Email archiving solutions capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport. The messages are typically then stored on magnetic disk storage and indexed to simplify future searches.

We offer a unified data management platform that supports detailed archiving policies for any email environment. You can classify data by application and automate email data management even as volumes to continue to grow. Take advantage of proactive data compliance and legal discovery, and optimize storage to save money and time. Even in case of cloud mailing solutions, we offer an effective business email service that allows you to focus on your business rather than worry about managing the system. We provide a reliable cloud based email solution without any specific requirements. With our service, you can send and receive email, access advanced email tools, and stay connected to your business with just an Internet connection. If you prefer, you can even push and manage email from almost every major mobile device in the market.


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