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Kulmiye General Services Limited

Categories: Website Development
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    Kulmiye General Services Limited is originally registered in Somalia as a property management, security , construction, civil engineering, procurement, import and export and general logistics company in the year 2009 and later incorporated in Kenya in the year 2012 as a limited liability company with similar objectives.
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    Client:Kulmiye General Services Limited

    Manager:Mr Abdulkadir Abukar Omar


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Developing A Website? Do You Know The Rules For Success

Developing A Website? Do You Know The Rules For Success

April 25, 2017

Just thinking about the look and feel of the website is not enough. It’s about how a website builds interest in the user’s mind to interact and take an action. Website development should be accompanied with the consumer behaviour and in depth research on the kind of colors, text and images to be added on

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