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Your Personalized Sales Engine

The amount of information and potential leads generated from diverse sources today has reached epic proportions today. No matter where you store your contact data and how you get in touch with them periodically, there is a big void in the market. There is not a single product that helps you effectively get in touch with your contacts and make them come back time and again to your brands.

The App that keeps your Leads Warm and Delights your Customers

Come Back – As the name suggests, it prompts customers, prospect and stakeholders to re-visit your brand and engage with them without taking a toll on your time and resources. The tool lets helps you send bulk SMS & Email to your desired list. (with 8 pre-set filters). This ensures that you keep your leads warm and keep your clients delighted with the value proposition presented by your business.

Why keep up with the communication?

You may want to get existing and new clients to know about exciting newsworthy happenings around your product line and brand, such as –

Such account and lead nurturing augurs well for your business. But how do you utilize technology so that the process of reaching out to new leads and existing customers doesn’t add expensive overheads to your operations.

There are quite a few ways to get this done

But the million dollar question remains – Does this stack of technology do what it is supposed to do?

i.e. save you a ton of time and effort, without diluting the effect and level of personalization of your outreach program.

This is exactly where the new Come Back app showcases its true forte. Click here for more information