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Enterprise Endpoint Backup & RestoreCrashPlan PROe

Protect Data Continuously, Invisibly and Easily on Cloud. Access any file, on any device, anywhere.


Let’s face it. Users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they’re not supposed to. And mission-critical data—including sensitive, executive-level information—exists exclusively on these endpoint devices

If your company isn’t protecting this data—or relies on inadequate methods to do so—it risks a data loss incident at any given moment. In fact, industry surveys estimate that more than half of critical corporate data resides on unprotected desktops and laptops

Today’s organizations need to know information living on their desktops and laptops is protected and secure. They need to know data can be quickly and easily recovered whenever needed. And that’s why there’s CrashPlan PROe

Endpoint data risks
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Protect Data Continously, Invisibly and Easily on Cloud
Access any file, on any device, anywhere.