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February 29, 2016

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Get Your Emails On Cloud For Maximum Efficiency

Being an extremely crucial part of smooth business operations, emails continue to dominate the corporate world. However it is also equally true that because of technological advancements and the rise of mobile, workplace flexibility is being embraced rapidly. Now what happens when you have a mobile workforce, but the email continue downloading on their workstations? Loss of communication, delayed responsiveness and overall poor interaction, leading to business problems.

Today’s ideal workplace scenario in the UAE is that the employee and stakeholder carries his mail with him wherever he goes and is available 24 x 7 to him. This is exactly where cloud based email solutions come in very handy. Some other vital advantages on offer include –

  1. Storage space – In house email solutions come with limited storage of upto 1GB. When you work with heavy files daily, this space becomes tiny. With cloud based email solutions, the storage space expands exponentially and as per your need. This also reduces costs and brings in efficiencies.
  2. Fast search – Imagine searching and indexing through old mails? It not only eats up your workstations resources, but also tends to slow down overall organization’s network. Cloud based email solutions eliminates both these problems with ease.
  3. Quick archival – Timely archival is a business best practice. With cloud based email solutions, you need not worry about archival and prompt retrieval of relevant mails.

Top Benefits of Getting your Email Archival Right

The information explosion in today’s online world has led to a massive increase in the amount of mails we see in our inbox. If your company invests in 1000 user IDs and each of them gets a nominal 1GB storage then you would need to have 1 TB storage and too needs to be optimized very frequently so that the storage doesn’t run out of space.

That is the core reason why you need to look at email archival as a principal business practice.

Let us look at some reasons why this process makes perfect sense for your emerging business –

  1. Storage – Email archival reduces the load on your in-house servers and frees up valuable space and physical hardware infrastructure costs.
  2. Better user experience – In this age of mobile, users can get access to their mailboxes through a web browser. The ‘anywhere, anytime’ access need of the connected employee of today gets a tremendous boost.
  3. Efficiency – How good it will be ifyour IT team is released from its chore of maintain mail systems and looking into tasks like undoing mail deleted by mistake? Email archiving lets you achieve this by giving the control to the staff and freeing up IT team to focus on core activities.
  4. Compliance – Industries like pharmaceutical, market research, R&D, and energy need to maintain data confidentiality and companies in retaining or maintaining business records. With email archiving regulatory compliance is achieved effectively.

Talk to us to get your organizational email system on the cloud with email archiving, and we will be happy to assist you.