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Tips To Make Your Software Testing More Efficient

First of all how do you begin to test software? Just by believing that ‘we are testing the software’ doesn’t make your testing more efficient. Here we are listing a few points on how to make your software testing more efficient and healthy!

1) Participation in the initial stage: Involve the testers since the beginning of the development cycle. This helps them understand the entire software from scratch and can cover the test cases comprehensively. This will help fix bugs in the initial stage, hence there will be less delays and avoid bugs afterwards. If this is not feasible then your manager should at least involve them in making decisions.

2) Have a good test plan. It is necessary to have test plan written by experience person like QA lead or manager. While creating test plan you need follow an organized approach to make it good test plan. The good test plan must cover Scope of testing, test objectives, budget limitations, deadlines, test execution schedule, risks identifications and more. Teams should have a complete understanding to give the correct IT software solutions to the clients.

3) Test early, test often:  Testing should start early to avoid the introduction of defects in the early phase. It has been observed that most of the errors are identified in the testing phase which is already introduced in the requirement or design phase.

4) Write effective test cases: Writing effective test cases is a skill and that can be accomplished by experience and rigorous study of the application on which test cases are being written. You should write clearer steps while writing test cases, that will handy to reproduce test cases for both developer and tester. Share the cases with the entire team, this will help everyone to be on the right track and avoid delays or confusions. IT Software companies in UAE or effective organization think about building a team which work effectively in the form of a team.

5) Start testing with positive mind-set: Begin with a positive attitude with determination to fix the bugs and errors in the code. Be prepared, there will be bugs in the code. If you are testing application with intention of finding bug then you will definitely get bugs in the code, so keep it cool and approach them with a calm mind.

6) Communicate well with developer: Now this will avoid misunderstandings. In the daily stand up or meeting, discuss all points whichever unclear or need some additional information. The face to face communication will resolve the problem easily and quickly, that will help to avoid any misunderstandings. No matter what you discussed, the minutest thing should be sent or acknowledge in an email, come what may.

Let’s talk, if there are more points in your mind, do feel free to share below!


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